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Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

HT Ground Maitnenance hires only top qualified technicians so that any issue or repair is well within our grasp and capabilities. We are proactive with our irrigation systems and make sure that you know when there is a major issue coming down the road if it can be seen. We specialize in zone modification and electrical restoration so fear not when your irrigation system acts like Stripe from the Gremlins is leading a full charge at you, we will make it better.

Irrigation Installation

HT Groudn Maitnenance has installed and is proficient in all irrigation installations from water features and residential systems to full blown large scale commercial systems. Take comfort in knowing that your irrigation installation will be designed and installed by the pros with all the future issues already taken care of.

Commercial Landscaping

Increase traffic to your business with a perfectly manicured property. Showing that you care about your grounds shows that you care about your business. Let us improve your company's image with landscaping and groundskeeping or install the perfect landscape on your new build.