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Responsible Landscaping and Design

Don't be sold by unrealistic goals for your yard. HT Ground Maintenance can design and install the mildest to to wildest landscape in your yard but what sets us apart is our interviewing process and the ability to relate the end result to the initial idea. We make sure that your new landscape will adhere to your desire of maintenance requirements along with your maintenance capabilities. Furthermore, your future budget for maintenance will also play a large part in what HT Ground Maintenance will recommend for you and your yard.



From sod replacement to flagstone walk ways to the average rock bed, HT Ground Maintenance can transform any reality in art.

Sod Replacement

Now is the time to get help with your turf. A dry winter will likely have brought a considerable amount of winter kill to our town. If you have lost a considerable amount of sod this year, don't hesiatate to call us and have HT Ground Maintenacne replace that sod for you. Save your back!!

Chemical Treatments

HT Ground Maintenance works closely with Advanced Turf Solutions to help maintain your lawn and plant life after installation. Contact them today for an estimate!!